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Tours and Destinations

in Laconia

Those who like to spend their holidays in places renowned for their natural beauty and their historical interest,will grow enthusiasticwith Laconia, the region of Monemvasia. The following sites according to our opinion certainly do worth a visit.

Elafonisos, Neapoli, Kastania-caves

Παραλίες ΣίμουSetting off for the excursion early in the morning you should lead immediately for the underground cave of Saint-Andrew near the village of Kastania, south west of Neapolis. The cave, which is about 300m long, was discovered by chance from a shepard who was looking for water.Later on you can enjoy your breakfast in the seaside Neapoli and then get the ferry to Elafonisos. There lays Simos beach one of the finest beaches in Greece with azure water and white sand.

Gythio, Diros, Vathia

Σπήλαιο ΔιρούBegin the day visiting Gythio, the seaside town that was used bythe Spartans as port. Then, you should definitely visit Diros Caves, which are considered to be among the most famous lake caves all over the world. To see the caves you have a tour with a guide by boat for about 1km. Finally you can visit the overwhelming towers of Mani in Vathia.

The port of Gerakas

In case you wish not to go far from Monemvasia you may visitGerakas. It is a picturesque village of fishermen with great natural beauty. The nearby seacoast creates fiords. There you can enjoy fresh fish and a beautiful sunset.

The old city of Mystras

ΜυστράςWhen leaving you should not omit going to Mystras. The old town of Mystras is 3km far from Sparti. There was the capital of last Byzantine despot. The astonishing remains of the walls and fortifications demonstrate the wealth of the once most important Byzantine city after Constantinople.

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